Who We Are

Mobius is a capital allocation office. We engage with the world using a variety of resources that we are temporary stewards of. We believe that it is through the integration of inner development and outer service that the conditions for collective thriving emerge.

Our vision is a world where cultures are incubated to incline our transformation through outer and inner practices; growing us towards values of metta, wisdom, courage, compassion, and interbeing.

We use an integrated capital approach to develop multiple forms of wealth. We focus on the areas where our skills and relationships are strongest – redeveloping habitable spaces, abating suffering, and inclining well-being. Prioritizing a process-orientation that allows for collective emergence and personal development.

Our theory of change uses a relationship-driven approach that does not seek solicitations. We seek to deepen in our relationships as a driver of the change we seek.

Examples of different forms of integrated capital:

Financial: investments, donations, loans, guarantees, flow funds, mezzanine/warrants, non-commercial terms, trust-based approaches
Transcending finance: connections/relationship development, mindfulness retreats, culture development, leadership development
Creative Conditions: Mobius donates >50% of profits yearly; Mobius operates from a sense of abundance

What We Do

Investing in physical spaces in order to develop some of the most environmentally friendly spaces in their markets. Designing and operating with an eye for human development. Executing deals to generate financial capital to be utilized in serving our broader mission. Pioneering approaches to track and support well-being for tenants.

Growing a movement for plant-based approaches to eating. Shedding light on the cruel and destructive practices in industrialized animal agriculture. Cultivating a funding base for the general category. Supporting tech-enabled approaches for reductions in farm animal suffering. Building awareness of the intersectional nature of this issue, impacting climate, health, economy, psychology, culture, and beyond.

Supporting justice as a form of compassion. Leveraging generosity and gratitude as tools for change. Pushing power to the edges through decentralization and distribution. Creating causes and conditions for self-discovery and transformative insight.

Who We Work With

Redeveloping Habitable Spaces


Abating Suffering

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Inclining Well-Being

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Birju Pandya

Birju Pandya

Ari Nessel

Ari Nessel

Daniel Rachman

Daniel Rachman

Wendy Loven

Wendy Loven

Alan Darer

Alan Darer

Birju Pandya focuses on the nexus of finance, systems evolution and inner transformation. He has been involved in the Mobius ecosystem since 2014.

Birju has years of experience working in the investment world, towards creative uses of capital and designing for emergence. He also has spent years developing mindfulness-related approaches to support individual/collective human development within business.

Birju has worked with organizations including Armonia (Regenerative Investing), RSF Social Finance (Integrated Capital), ServiceSpace (Gift Ecology), and McKinsey & Company. He has a Bachelor’s from Arizona State and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Birju’s roles in life include volunteer, husband, father, friend, colleague. He is the son of first-generation Indian immigrants, and lives with his family in Berkeley, CA. A few values that Birju holds dear – authenticity, vulnerability, gratefulness, compassion, equanimity.

After an epiphany in 1997 changed the way Ari related to food, his heart opened up to the impact every person’s life has on countless beings and the world at large. Soon after this insight, Ari had a vision of himself attaining his worldly goals & dreams, yet left feeling empty inside. This led him to ground his life into practices such as mindfulness, compassionate eating, philanthropy, service and transformational entrepreneurship. Recent projects include:

  • Hosting a five-day silent meditation retreat for leaders in animal advocacy, and a follow up workshop.
  • Founding the Pollination Project, which has made 2,500+ seed grants of $500 to $5,000 in over 100 countries to passionate individual change-makers working in areas such as environmental sustainability, social justice and community health/wellness.
  • Co-creating a retreat center in Marin County for Service Space, a 500,000-person strong volunteer-led service group that aims is to ignite our fundamental generosity in ways that create both inner and outer transformation.
  • Founding 50by40.org, a very recently launched effort which seeks to create the causes and conditions for a 50% reduction in global industrialized meat production by 2040 through building a broad coalition of leaders, NGOs and movements.
  • Redeveloping thousands of apartment units such that they are carbon-neutral, water-efficient, and support the well-being of the staff who oversee them.
  • Coaching his kids’ soccer team

Ari actively experiences the challenges of being a modern-day yogi, and the delusion that life can be compartmentalized into separate boxes such as family, work, service, health and spirit. He remains constantly challenged to live his life in alignment with his values, and to utilize the numerous privileges he has been given to turn seeds into blossom and blossom into fruit.

As Chief Abundance Officer of Mobius, Daniel Rachman is responsible for managing the finances of its real estate portfolio, as well as finding new investments to grow the organization’s capital. The more money it makes, the more of an impact it can make on social causes.

Prior to joining Mobius, Daniel was a Relationship Manager for Wells Fargo in their Dallas and San Francisco Commercial Real Estate lending groups, where he was involved in originating debt for local developers. During his seven years with the company, he helped finance over $2Bn of projects.

Daniel earned an undergraduate degree in Finance with a Real Estate concentration from the Red McCombs School of Business at UT Austin. Daniel earned his MBA from The Hass School of Business at The University of California, Berkeley. Daniel strives to be an ethical vegan, but can be caught eating cheese behind closed doors. He’s also a proponent of stoicism and effective altruism.

Wendy is certified in plant-based nutrition and is a registered yoga instructor that works closely with our properties on sustainability projects such as permaculture, energy conservation and solar power initiatives. Wendy’s passion lies in finding ways our properties can do the most good — for our people, the planet and the animals.

As Director of Philanthropy for Mobius, Alan Darer guides the philanthropic decision-making across Mobius, specifically focusing on finding great organizations and projects working globally to reduce and eliminate the suffering of farmed animals.

Prior to joining Mobius, Alan spent seven years with Mercy For Animals. While there, he managed a variety of programs to help farmed animals including:

  • Starting and managing a Fellowship Program at Ivy League universities and mentoring over 50 students,
  • Managing a digital marketing campaign that led to millions of people around the world signing a pledge to eat vegetarian, downloading the Vegetarian Starter Guide, and subscribing to the 15-part “how to go veg” email series,
  • Starting and managing an institutional meat reduction program that led to partnerships with major cities and states in Brazil and Mexico to implement Meatless Monday in school districts and social assistance centers. This program achieved commitments that will lead to 21 million meat-based meals being replaced with plant-based meals.

Alan attended Vassar College in upstate NY, and got his degree in Biochemistry and Math. A native of New York, he now enjoys the fresh smelling air of Santa Cruz, CA. Outside of work, Alan enjoys playing pickleball, reading non-fiction, listening to podcasts and exploring Northern California. He lives his days seeking a balance between effective altruism and mindfulness.