For Grant-seekers

Mobius is a family office that seeks to leverage multiple forms of capital to incline well-being and build a more sustainable food system.

Important context on Mobius and our giving:

We are not like traditional foundations, in that we don’t have an endowment that we give from. Rather, we give based on how the underlying business does each year. This means:

  • Our giving can have significant fluctuations year on year, based on the performance of the broader commercial real estate market
  • We usually only have a clear understanding of our giving capacity from October onwards. This means we very rarely make any grant decisions between January to September. 
  • We’re unable to provide multi-year commitments, due to the above points 

Additionally, we try to support organisations not just financially but with multiple forms of capital. For example, if you are interested in virtual meditation retreats or weekly meditation calls we host, please let us know. 

Whilst we think there are many important ways to improve the food system and help animals, we are focused on a small number of areas where we think there are especially promising opportunities. As we are a relatively small foundation, we need to be laser-focused on these priorities. As such, we very rarely fund projects outside of the below four focus areas. Additionally, we often don’t fund projects that do fit into these buckets, due to a lack of financial capacity.

 In terms of our philanthropic priorities, they are:

 Policy & Politics

We believe political advocacy to shape national or subnational legislation is an extremely important lever to help farmed animals. Despite this, we think there are relatively few efforts focused on political lobbying and advocacy.

Alternative proteins

We believe alternative proteins offer a very promising avenue for consumers to keep enjoying the tasty food they are accustomed to, whilst significantly reducing carbon emissions and alleviating the suffering of animals in the food system. We are open to different ways to promote alternative proteins but particularly care about increasing the amount of public R&D funding to improve these technologies.

Neglected but important regions

Most funding in the animal advocacy movement is directed towards the United States, despite most farmed animals living in Asia. We want our funding to go towards correcting this imbalance, by funding areas of the world where there are many farmed animals and relatively few philanthropic resources (e.g. currently, we’re particularly interested in building relationships with more groups in Asia)


The global animal advocacy movement receives around $250M each year, which is sadly a tiny amount relative to the scale of the problem we’re facing. As one alternate example, the climate movement receives over $12B in philanthropic funding each year. As such, we want to use our limited funds to leverage additional philanthropic dollars to this issue.

Additionally, our intention is to support newer organisations and more entrepreneurial efforts, as opposed to large & well-established organisations. 

We rarely fund unsolicited applications, however, you can submit a preliminary application here. If your work matches our philanthropic priorities, we’ll reach out about the next steps. Regardless of whether we’re able to fund your work, your reading this likely means we feel aligned at the level of shared intention – thank you for all that you do to make the world a better place.

For those interested in further resources within animal advocacy, please see this wiki by Impactful Animal Advocacy. Even if we may not be a good fit for funding your work, The Pollination Project (a project we incubated) is another avenue to explore.