Wellbeing for all.

Mobius is a family office that seeks to leverage multiple forms of capital to incline well-being and build a more sustainable food system.

Mobius has donated over $40M to nonprofit endeavors working to advance our global food system. We have been the sole owner or a general partner of nearly $1B of real estate.

Who we are

A large focus of our work is on addressing the harms and inequities of the global factory farming industry on the environment, public health, and animals.

Inspired by multiple wisdom traditions, we see the internal life as intimately related to the external world, so focusing on both is an important part of our ethos. Our projects range from philanthropic donations, to providing PRI/debt capital, to offering mindfulness retreats, to investments in companies and funds, to supporting political candidates, to launching nonprofit organisations.

It’s all part of an approach called ‘integrated capital’.

Our Team

What we do

Environmentally-friendly spaces

Owned living and working spaces retrofit to high environmental standards

Environmentally-friendly energy

Bringing distributed solar both to the spaces above, and to third parties

Inspiring a food system shift

Our current food system isn’t working – industrialized animal agriculture leads to a multitude of environmental, human health and animal welfare issues and cannot meet global protein demands. We support organizations who tackle the harms caused by industrial animal agriculture and its expansion.

Self-discovery processes

Inviting in processes of human development through growing perspectives with friends and partner orgs by supporting development of qualities such as mindfulness, gratitude, generosity, and noble friendship

How we think

Over the years, we have been inspired by many people and ideas. Here are just a few:

We seek to leverage many forms of capital (not only financial) to support individuals and organizations.

We challenge ourselves to understand what level of solutions we are working on.


We engage in mindfulness in the workplace knowing the transformative possibilities that emerge.

For grant-seekers

If you’re a non-profit organisation interested in improving our food system, please see our grant-seekers page for more information.




At Mobius, integrating inner work and outer work is a core part of our way of being. So much so that we named our organization after the concept! There are many ways this is practically brought into the day (and we remain open to grow further), with one important...

Media Links

Media Links

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